Introducing NIDUS® - A Brave New World of Treatment

The unique design of the NIDUS®machine enables it to clear the blood of solutes and fluid in babies weighing between 800 g and 8 kg, using just a single-lumen line. We’re proud to have played a key role in its development with its creator, Dr Malcolm Coulthard, because we’ve seen first-hand how life-changing it can be.

In 2006 Millie Kelly was born with gastroschisis – a rare condition where her bowels developed outside her body. During an operation to correct the problem, Millie’s kidneys started to fail. Weighing less than 3kgs Millie was too small for conventional dialysis machines, and even those designed for children were too large to be used.

Faced with the likelihood that Millie would not survive Dr Malcolm Coulthard, from Newcastle Victoria Royal Infirmary, together with a senior children’s kidney nurse Jean Crosier, began to build a scaled down version of a dialysis machine in his garage at home.

Some weeks later, Millie was connected to the first ever prototype machine – resembling a crude green metal box

with numerous wires coming out of it. After just seven days, her kidneys began to recover.

Although the machine continued to be used on the tiniest babies in similar circumstances, a robust prototype was still needed. A machine that could be used more freely to help save many more pre-term babies.

Dr Coulthard approached Allmed. Touched by the stories of the lives that he had saved and the possibility of being able to save a great many more, Allmed’s R&D team, together with Dr Coulthard, began the long task of redesigning the whole therapy from scratch.

Now, the waiting is over and NIDUS® is fast being recognised as the incoming treatment modality of choice for many small babies with renal failure and potentially other applications.

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