Getting the right dialyser for the specific demands of each therapy is crucial. Constant innovation, together with our commitment to the highest standards of quality assurance ensures our product range is built to address the individual needs of every patient.

What’s more, as a vertically integrated manufacturer, our bloodline systems provide a complete end to end solution for all Haemodialysis therapies. We never compromise on clinical performance. Why should you?


Our premium dialysers range features our proprietary polysulfone membrane. No ‘dead zones’, no loss of diffusion. With Allmed’s micro-undulation technology, you can be sure of the highest efficiency and performance.

POLYPURE® Family of Dialysers -
Engineered for excellence

POLYPURE® is the world’s most extensive synthetic dialyser portfolio, offering the next generation of therapies.

Key Benefits

A marriage of great design and great manufacturing ensures POLYPURE® performance is second to none. High solute removal, low albumin loss and high endotoxin protection ensures the very best quality of life for dialysis patients.

Key Specs
  • With eight surface areas/sizes, three flux types/ranges of permeability and three sterilisation types, Allmed boasts a portfolio that caters for every possible/imaginable need.
  • The POLYPURE® proprietary micro-undulated polysulfone membrane decreases resistance to dialysate flow, minimizing dead spaces, allowing for full capillary utilization.
  • A thick 40 micron fibre wall across the entire family to sustain a protective barrier against endotoxins.

*POLYPURE® is marketed in other territories under other brands, including Platinum.


HF Series

Our High Flux Series of Haemofilters harness the very latest technology, and the very safest hollow-fibre materials. Think of them as years of clinical knowledge – at your disposal.

Key Specs
  • High convective clearance due to optimized hydraulic properties
  • Custom made tubing sets can be provided according to each therapy
  • Excellent biocompatible polymer
  • Three layer asymmetric structure for greater strength, sieving and hydraulic performance
  • Oxygen free gamma sterilisation
  • Spacer yarns featuring enhanced PET® Technology (Polyethylene Terephthalate)
Bloodline Systems

Robust, reliable, adaptable

Easy to use, with technology you can trust, our bloodline systems offer the security you need to deliver first class medical care.

Key Benefits

We understand that bloodline systems are the frontline of renal care. That’s why our blood tubing systems – including phthalate-free bloodlines and irradiated bloodlines – are designed with three essential objectives in mind: clinical performance, ease of use for medical professionals, and machine suitability.

Key Specs
  • Biocompatible materials and advanced extrusion, assembly and leak testing technologies for a smooth, constant and non-reactive blood flow.
  • From tubing rigidity and length, to clamp design, our bloodlines are created with the user in mind. Rigorous testing ensures they’re the most ergonomic systems on the market.
  • Our interfaces offer a high compatibility between bloodline and machine – for all platforms, and for all patient groups.
HDF Tubing Sets

Convenient and safe, our HDF Tubing Sets are built to enhance the performance and efficiency of all renal procedures.

Key Specs
  • Clear layout and optimised tube lengths for every therapy
  • Inbuilt flexibility to withstand pressure and manipulation
  • Designed never to compromise flow rate accuracy and consistency
  • Airless systems for less blood/air contact
  • A complete line of all tubing components
  • Universal connection options
Dialysis Fluids Filter

The quality and purity of the dialysis fluid are the most critical component of renal therapy. Our filters are built for purpose.


Micropure S is the culmination of years of blood filtration expertise. The result? A truly advanced system of fluid purification.

Online haemodiafiltration is a preferred treatment for patients suffering from CKD. To be safe and effective, substantial amounts of sterile fluid is required. That’s when you need to trust the enhanced purification delivered by our Micropure S system.

Key Specs
  • Flexible design allowing compatibility with a wide range of machines
  • On-line preparation of sterile substitution fluid, when fed with ultrapure dialysis fluid
  • Supremely effective pyrogen, bacteria, virus, particles and Endotoxin removal
  • Specialist filter comprised of our micro-undulated polysulfone membrane
  • Supplies non-Pyrogenic substitution fluids, to be infused directly into the bloodstream.
Vascular Accesses

A well-functioning vascular access is essential to perform any efficient haemodialysis procedure. Our fistula needles won’t let you down.

Fistula Needles

Precise, gentle and secure – our fistula needles provide critical vascular access with the peace of mind, and blood-flow performance you seek. Allmed-arteriovenous fistula is a lifeline for critical renal procedures.

Key Specs
  • Available sizes: From 14 gauge to 17 gauge
  • Ultra thin wall and ideal bevel shaped cannula for gentle puncturing
  • Smooth silicone layer
  • Tubing length of 15cm or 30cm
  • Rough wings allow for a secure grip and control along with comfortable handling during insertion
Bicarbonate Powder for Dialysis

Our bicarbonate dialysis encourages diffusion of bicarbonate into the blood, to neutralize any chemical imbalances

BIOCARB-G Cartridges (650g & 750g)
DiaCard Bags (650g & 900g)

Manufactured under the strictest safety standards, our full range of cartridges are an essential component of any dialysis fluid delivery system.

Key Specs
  • Hermetically sealed package ready for the on-line preparation of liquid bicarbonate solution
  • Two filters (0.2 μm), one on the inlet and another on the outlet
  • End ports open – no sealed layer to perforate, reducing risk of machine damage
  • Sodium Bicarbonate powder (Ph.Eur.)
  • Suitable up to 8 hours of treatment
  • Unique universal container design offering 60% stock reduction compared to canisters
Haemodialysis Concentrated Solutions

Formulations targeted to every patient’s needs.

Key Benefits

Dialysis fluid is a critical factor in safeguarding a successful treatment regime. Whether custom formulation or standard prescription, our solutions deliver electrolyte and acid–base balance, as well as removing metabolic waste products.

Our solutions are targeted to individual patients’ needs. For that reason, we offer a unique “build your own solution” service. Innovative, efficient and ready to use, our solutions offer chronic dialysis patients – and their clinicians – complete peace of mind.

Key Specs
  • We offer a wide range of Acid and Acetate pharmacopeial formulae
  • Ready to use standard prescriptions available to order.
  • We can customise formulas to your patients’ needs.
  • Flexible concentrate bottling – in 5, 10 and 20 litre configurations.
Machine Disinfectant

A regular regime of maintenance and disinfection provides clinical staff with the reassurance they need to guarantee optimum dialysis machine function.

DIALCLEAN cartridges

For descaling, cleaning and disinfection of haemodialysis monitors, DialClean Cartridges get the job done. Heat disinfection using our dry-powder cartridges offers excellent cleaning power, complete peace of mind, and environmentally sensitive solutions.

Key Specs
  • Flushes dialysis machines free from precipitated salts of calcium magnesium and organic deposits through the fluid pathway.
  • Citric acid & sodium carbonate configurations.
  • ‘Clean finish’ technology ensures the cartridge is effectively rinsed and drained, and can be safely discarded leaving no chemical residue.