How we came to be

The Allmed family might have come together in 2012, but we can trace our heritage back more than 30 years.

Our passion for designing, delivering and distributing the very best, patient-centred dialysis care convinced us that we wanted to do things differently.

We knew there was a better way to provide clinicians with quality-assured, leading edge products. We believed a flexible, end-user focused way was the answer.

Collaboration is encoded deep within our DNA. It’s how our story began. A group of smaller longstanding companies, each with its own area of specialism, came together to take a fresh look at how we could do things better, together.

Pooling our passions, expertise and industry-leading reputations, we created a company dedicated to cutting out the bureaucracy and forging closer relationships to our customers on the care front line.

Channelling our various technical, R&D and distribution skills, we’ve been able to create a lean, streamlined and unified team, unlike anything the market has seen before. That’s why our company is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic renal care and ESRD specialists in the healthcare sector.

Today, we’re a multinational company employing over 1500 people across seven countries, serving over 40 markets. But we’re always only one person away from you. Our marketing team is always ready to talk through your needs, and find a solution, fast.

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