What can we do for you

Allmed provides dialysers, and accessories, for any therapeutic application.


If you care for patients we can supply dialysers for any therapeutic application and for every patient condition together with all necessary bloodlines, dialysates, needles and accessories to deliver a complete range of treatments for your patients.


If you’re a distributor, we see our engagement with you as key to building and extending our distribution network. Developing our product footprint allows us to improve our customer service, and help to place our products with the right end user, fast.


As manufacturers we harness our skills and infrastructure to fulfil your extracorporeal and filtration requirements. We can work with you on a contract manufacturing/OEM basis, or employ our regulatory architecture to certify your finished devices under our Total Quality Management Systems.


On the development side, our R&D team is always prepared to engage in either contracted development or joint development projects from the initial concept stage all the way until design transfer, either in the filtration or the tubing systems area.

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