We’re experts in fluid filtration and developing function-specific tubing and componentry systems.

Whether you need to create a new product prototype, modify an existing product line or research and develop new-to-market technology, Allmed’s core expertise in filtration and separation of blood and fluids, and tubing and componentry systems means we have the technical expertise and capability to make it happen.

With our extensive development and manufacturing experience, we’re able to provide product solutions to your medical device business. Our dedicated team is able to engage from the very initial R&D stages all the way to product certification and supply, and our TQM systems guarantee your projects will be delivered on time, within budget and with complete assurance of safety.

Key Areas

From precision extrusion to thermoplastics moulding, fluid production to advanced medical device assembly, and packaging to sterilisation technologies, our vertically integrated manufacturing team can provide product solutions to a wide range of businesses across the medical device sector.

Our dedicated team is on hand to engage from the very initial R&D stages all the way to product certification, design transfer and supply.

We’re proud of our successful B2B partnerships, forging solutions for teams working with congestive heart failure, haemoconcentration/haemofiltration, precision pressure monitoring, to blood-gas analysis, to endoscopic irrigation.